Efim Shifrin Tour Progress

The Russian American Consulting Corporation has been having a great week that’s been filled with laughs and new adventures. On Saturday, May 14th, Efim Shifrin’s highly anticipated comedy tour began in New Jersey, and he traveled to Montreal and Toronto for two shows after that. The 400-500 seat concert halls that he performed in were filled to almost maximum capacity with devoted fans each time.

The beloved Shifrin is highly popular among Russian speaking people in both the United States and Canada. The talented stand-up comic performs for two hours, telling stories, acting out bits, and singing.  He loves celebrating his art with audiences, and he makes a huge effort to keep the crowds entertained. At the end of the shows, female fans have been bringing flowers to the stage to congratulate him.

The tour has gone off without a hitch thanks to the hard work of Shifrin’s organizer, Lev Trachtenberg, who coordinated all of the performances. Trachtenberg made everything neat and structured, and so far, it’s running quite smoothly.

Yesterday, Shifrin was on Radio Positive promoting the tour and discussing his illustrious career, and on Friday, an interview with him is going to be shown on NTV, so make sure you tune in. This Sunday, May 21st, he’ll finally be arriving in Brooklyn. There are 13 more shows left, and the complete schedule with all the remaining dates can be found here, on our website.

The CEO of RACC Andrei Shuranov said he is extremely pleased with the progress of the tour. “I have enjoyed traveling to Canada with Shifrin. I’m proud to work with one of the best Russian entertainers in the world, since he is not only gifted but also highly professional.”

Switching gears, in our last blog, we talked about the medical professionals who visited Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C. for QCor and the Thoracic Society’s International Conference. They had a fantastic time and learned a multitude of information about these medical topics. The professionals hope to work with us again sometime in the near future and include Alaska on their next itineraries.

Now that summer is approaching, we’ve seen an increase in Russians traveling to Los Angeles and Florida, while American families are mainly visiting the Caribbean. These are popular destinations because of all the warm weather activities the locations have to offer. Hopefully we’ll see more people also visiting New York, now that summertime is approaching and there will be a larger amount of programs offered by the city.

If you are interested in visiting one of these places, or if you want to learn more about traveling to Russia or former Soviet Union Republics, please feel free to visit our website here. We look forwarding to hearing from you.

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Russian Medical Professionals in Washington and Denver

Picture courtesy of the American Thoracic Society's website

The Russian American Consulting Corporation is preparing for the start of the Efim Shifrin tour, beginning on May 14th in the town of West Orange, New Jersey. The 55-year-old comedian, as we mentioned in previous blogs, will be flying in from Moscow to New York City on May 13th and tour 18 cities in celebration of his birthday. We hope that Shifrin enjoys playing in the United States and that the Russian audiences here have a great time at his performances.

In other RACC news, we recently helped organize a trip to Washington, D.C. for 36 doctors, academics, and educators coming from Russian medical universities and hospitals in Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, and various additional cities. Together with VAO Intourist, our partner in Moscow, we set up their hotel arrangements, reserved their plane tickets, and found entertainment for the duration of their stay.

The professionals are attending QCor, a Quality of Care and Outcomes Research in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Seminar sponsored by the American Heart Association. The conference, which is taking place May 12th through the 14th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, aims to improve the quality of care for patients with cardiovascular health and stroke issues, according to its website. QCor’s program contains workshops, lectures, and informal networking opportunities for attendees.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Zentiva, a pharmaceutical company that works in the Russian, Czech, Turkish, Slavic, Polish, and Romanian markets, the professionals are able to increase their knowledge about these topics at QCor. One of Zentiva’s goals is to support events like this, which promote further research and the study of cardiovascular diseases.

Along with the 36 medical professionals participating in the D.C. seminar, there are nine doctors flying from Russia to Denver, Colorado. From May 13th through the 18th, the American Thoracic Society’s International Conference is being held. The ATS’ comprehensive seminar will include “more basic, translational, and clinical science in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep than any other conference in the world.” It will feature over 5,500 scientific case studies and abstracts, and more than 800 speakers and 500 sessions.

Both groups of Russian medical professionals wanted to visit to learn more about America and the subjects they specialize in. We were happy to be part of the effort to provide this opportunity and anticipate that they will benefit greatly from their trip to the United States.

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Updates on the Efim Shifrin Tour and “Fort Ross” Filming

Efim Shifrin

We’re pleased to report that business is booming here at Russian American Consulting Corporation. This year, people have been traveling more, probably due to the improvement of the American economy. A big portion of our company is working on securing visas and organizing trips to Russia and the former Soviet Union Republics for travelers. It’s always great to see that people are interested in these places and wanting to explore some of our favorite countries.

These past few months, RACC has been involved in business prospects in the entertainment industry. We are excited to announce famous Russian stand-up comedian Efim Shifrin’s tour of the United States and Canada starting on May 14th and concluding June 3rd. The 11th tour from the comedian, titled “Total ShifrinAttack,” is a celebration of his 55th birthday. It will include 18 shows total in New Jersey, New York, Toronto, Miami, and other numerous venues for Russian-speaking communities. Shifrin’s first show in Brooklyn sold out and a second night was recently added. Tickets for all of the performances are $30-$50. Since there is a scarcity of Russian comedians in America, RACC is glad to provide these communities with excellent entertainment and some laughs.

The other project we’ve been working on is “Fort-Ross,” the documentary that was mentioned in the previous few blog posts. So far, the crew has finished filming the part of the movie that takes place in St. Petersburg. They shot the documentary in the Russian State Naval Archives and outside. Coincidentally, just like San Francisco, the weather was just what was needed to make for a successful shoot. This time, unlike the last, the crew needed bad weather for the filming, and luckily, they got it. While on set, Dmitri Poletaev, the multitalented author of the book “Fort Ross,” and Executive Producer and screenwriter for the documentary was taking behind the scenes footage. We will be posting it here soon, so please continue to check back for those updates and see an exclusive sneak-peek of the documentary.

RACC is enjoying taking part in the different industries and developing our business. Working on these kinds of projects is making our company more versatile and increasing its scope and influence. Collaborating with Shifrin and the cast and crew of “Fort Ross” have been great learning experiences and we’re happy to supply people with different methods of amusement and leisure time.

Palace Square in St. Petersburg

To find out more information on Shifrin’s tour, click here. We hope to see you at one of the shows!

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RACC Offering Exclusive Packages to the Figure Skating World Championship

Russian American Consulting Corporation and VAO Intourist are teaming up and offering travelers a special deal for the 2011 Figure Skating World Championship in Russia. This exciting 10 day/9 night excursion from April 23rd to May 2nd includes an arrival and departure transfer, a 9-night accommodation at the Cosmos or Sovetsky hotels, free breakfast daily, tickets to and from the arena, sightseeing tours on April 24th of Moscow, the Kremlin, and the Armoury with English-speaking guides, and a farewell dinner at Godunov restaurant. Airfare, visa services, and gratuity are not part of the deals.

If visitors wish to stay at the Cosmos hotel in a double occupancy, the package will cost $1,700 a person. A single occupancy room is $655 extra. For a double occupancy room at the Sovetsky hotel, it’s $2,005 per person and an additional $1,030 for single occupancy. The same package without accommodations is $990.

These prices are valid for a group of 10 or more people, and registration must be completed by tomorrow, April 15th. A $300 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration, and the balance must be paid by April 19th. If you’re interested or have any further questions, feel free to email anna@Russianconsulting.com. Don’t miss out on your chance to be in Moscow during this exhilarating event!

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The Filming of “Fort-Ross” Begins in California

In the last blog, we discussed Russian American Consulting Corporation’s entry into the filmmaking business with a new documentary, “Fort-Ross.” From March 24th through the 29th, the first part of shooting was completed in California. Although there were some issues with the weather, the crew was triumphant in getting the footage they needed.

To say the least, the trip had a bumpy start. There was a tornado warning in San Francisco, and we learned that it was going to be raining the entire time the filming was supposed to take place. It’s crucial to have good weather and sunlight when you’re making a documentary, so we were a bit worried.

The day after landing, our team arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge to film and lo and behold, the weather had improved. From there, we ventured to Fort Ross itself, which is a two-hour drive from San Francisco, and encountered yet another issue: our hotel had a power outage due to the storm. This led to a one-hour drive in the dark up a windy mountain and narrow road. Thankfully, we go to the hotel safe and sound, which was located in Bodega Bay (also known as Rumyantsev Bay).

For the next few days, we’d drive 30 miles in the rain to the site of Fort Ross, and hope the weather would get better. Miraculously, it did, every single time. We’d prepare for the shoot while it was still stormy and then the sun would come out. It was truly a blessing.

At the location, we learned about the Fort Ross Interpretive Association, a library, museum, and summer camp for young children. Many of the campers come from Irkutsk and Totma, the small city where the founder of Fort Ross, Evan Alexander Kuskov, was born. According to its website, FRIA researches the history of Fort Ross, preserves and maintains Rotchev House, the only remaining Russian-built structure on the land, archives photographs, and is working on a book in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Humanities that “will broaden knowledge about the early Russian contributions to Colonial California.”

While there, we found out about the history of the company that ran their business in the region. It was overseen by the President of Russian-America Baranov along with his CEOs Shelechov and Nikolai Ryazanov. The story of Ryazanov and his love affair with a Spanish girl was the inspiration for the tragic tale of “Yunona and Avos,” a famous musical.

Discovering the history of the land was especially meaningful to Dmitry Kharatyan, whose ancestor was the governor and married to an Aleut woman. He enjoyed visiting it because of his family’s history there. He was also impressed by the beautiful land and nature at Fort Ross. Kharatyan said he can’t wait to visit again and show his family.
The next stop for the filming of the documentary is St. Petersburg, where we’ll be from April 14th through the 16th. Then, it’s onto Alaska. Moscow is the final destination, and we are going to be shooting reconstructive scenes featuring people in the costumes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

So far, the filming of “Fort-Ross” has been a wonderful learning experience for RACC, despite all the issues with the weather in California. We just have to hope that the weather is better in Alaska, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. And we also hope that audiences appreciate all the time, energy, and care that went into the production and enjoy the film. We are looking forward to seeing the final result.

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Attendees Gather in D.C. at Russian Cultural Center to Learn About the New Documentary Film, “Fort Ross”

On Wednesday, March 16th, we held a celebration at the Russian Cultural Center in D.C. for the upcoming shooting of a documentary film, “Fort Ross.” The star-studded event was packed out with people interested in hearing about the movie.

Supporting and funding films is a new business venture for us, and we’re happy to help great projects get off the ground. RACC’s own Andrei Shuranov, CEO, is a producer for the film. His main objective is to forge connections between America and Russia, since relations have been quite strained in the past.

“Fort Ross,” which is based off the book of the same title by Dmitri Poletaev, tells the story of the Aleut land that extended from Alaska to Northern California and was owned by Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries. Poletaev is the moving force behind the film. In addition to writing the book, he executive produced and wrote “Fort Ross.”

Also signed onto the movie is famous actor Dmitry Kharatya, who is the producer and narrator. Interestingly enough, Kharatyan became involved with “Fort Ross” because he is old friends with Poletaev. They met when they were both studying acting at the well-respected Shepkin’s Theatrical Institute. Another reason that Kharatyan is working on the movie is because his ancestors were Aluet, so he is able to return to his roots. A member of his family ran a trading company between Russia and the United States and married an Aleut woman.

Director and Producer of “Fort Ross” is award-winning Yury Moroz, who, in his 20 years of creating films, has earned the admiration of the industry and the people of Russia. Along with directing well-known films in Russia, in 2006 Moroz captured the attention of American audiences when his film “The Spot” won him the “Silver Hugo” award at the Chicago International Film Festival.

The one-hour-long “Fort Ross” documentary is going to cost anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 and after it comes out, a feature-length movie that stars Russian, American, and Spanish actors is going to be made. Moroz’s production company, Moroz Studios, is making both films. The feature-length version will be released before the summer of 2012 to coincide with American year in Russia, when citizens will strive to learn more about the foreign land. The Russian Ministry of Culture has donated $2 million to the project, but Poletaev is currently looking for more funding and donations.

The goal is to strengthen ties between America and Russia through both of the “Fort Ross” movies and we hope that American audiences watch and like the film. We’ll keep you updated on the shooting and provide more information as it comes to light. We are very excited to see the finished products and anticipate that they will be informative and fascinating films.

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RACC and VAO Intourist Promote Russian Tourism at New York Times Travel Show

Nina Zharova, Andrei Shuranov, and Kira Nekrasova at the show

This past weekend, February 25th-27th, we participated in the New York Times Travel Show, the largest travel expo in the United States. It was the seventh time in a row we’ve attended the exciting event, and it was our most successful year so far.

Five hundred companies and 20,000 visitors came out to the travel show, which was held at the Jakob K. Javits Center in New York City. It was full of consumers, travel professionals, reporters, and tourism agencies that handed out souvenirs, supplied their country’s traditional cuisine, and put on entertaining performances. We shared a booth with VAO Intourist, a century-old travel agency that stands as the industry leader in Russia, since we represent them in America.

Our companies were placed in the European section and both of our tables displayed promotional materials about Russia and former Soviet Union Republics such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. Visitors who stopped by received an exclusive 10% discount on all the deals that we provide to travelers. They were also presented with our famous souvenir, nesting dolls.

Regional Director of Intourist Kira Nekrasova and Nina Zharova, VAO Intourist Regional Commercial Director for Europe and North America were especially interested in promoting their newest deal, a tour called Moskva-Kazan. It spans from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. On this trip, visitors begin in Moscow by seeing the sights of Red Square and the Tretyakov Gallery. Then, after traveling on an overnight train, they arrive in the diverse city of Kazan, where beautiful Orthodox Cathedrals and mosques stand side by side.

Other deals from Intourist include a 15-day excursion on the Trans-Siberian Express, river cruises, and tours of the lovely town of St. Petersburg, a popular destination for people coming from all around the globe.

The New York Times Travel Show was a fantastic opportunity to meet other people in the same business and establish valuable connections. We had the chance to talk to agents, initiate deals with customers, and even make direct sales to people interested in buying a travel package on the spot. The show was extremely useful for getting individuals interested in visiting the nations we promote.

Both of our companies had a triumphant weekend because of our marketing efforts. We proved we work well together at Discover Adventurous Russia Evening, a highly-attended celebration in D.C. on February 22nd that included numerous journalists and offered information about Russian travel. Nekrasova and Zharova flew all the way from Moscow just to take part in these two events.

We found the New York Times Travel Show to be even better than the last one. The lovely weather, fun performances, tasty food, and partnership with Intourist helped make the event more exhilarating than ever. We can’t wait for it to roll around again next year.

Our table at the show

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