RACC and VAO Intourist Promote Russian Tourism at New York Times Travel Show

Nina Zharova, Andrei Shuranov, and Kira Nekrasova at the show

This past weekend, February 25th-27th, we participated in the New York Times Travel Show, the largest travel expo in the United States. It was the seventh time in a row we’ve attended the exciting event, and it was our most successful year so far.

Five hundred companies and 20,000 visitors came out to the travel show, which was held at the Jakob K. Javits Center in New York City. It was full of consumers, travel professionals, reporters, and tourism agencies that handed out souvenirs, supplied their country’s traditional cuisine, and put on entertaining performances. We shared a booth with VAO Intourist, a century-old travel agency that stands as the industry leader in Russia, since we represent them in America.

Our companies were placed in the European section and both of our tables displayed promotional materials about Russia and former Soviet Union Republics such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. Visitors who stopped by received an exclusive 10% discount on all the deals that we provide to travelers. They were also presented with our famous souvenir, nesting dolls.

Regional Director of Intourist Kira Nekrasova and Nina Zharova, VAO Intourist Regional Commercial Director for Europe and North America were especially interested in promoting their newest deal, a tour called Moskva-Kazan. It spans from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. On this trip, visitors begin in Moscow by seeing the sights of Red Square and the Tretyakov Gallery. Then, after traveling on an overnight train, they arrive in the diverse city of Kazan, where beautiful Orthodox Cathedrals and mosques stand side by side.

Other deals from Intourist include a 15-day excursion on the Trans-Siberian Express, river cruises, and tours of the lovely town of St. Petersburg, a popular destination for people coming from all around the globe.

The New York Times Travel Show was a fantastic opportunity to meet other people in the same business and establish valuable connections. We had the chance to talk to agents, initiate deals with customers, and even make direct sales to people interested in buying a travel package on the spot. The show was extremely useful for getting individuals interested in visiting the nations we promote.

Both of our companies had a triumphant weekend because of our marketing efforts. We proved we work well together at Discover Adventurous Russia Evening, a highly-attended celebration in D.C. on February 22nd that included numerous journalists and offered information about Russian travel. Nekrasova and Zharova flew all the way from Moscow just to take part in these two events.

We found the New York Times Travel Show to be even better than the last one. The lovely weather, fun performances, tasty food, and partnership with Intourist helped make the event more exhilarating than ever. We can’t wait for it to roll around again next year.

Our table at the show


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