Updates on the Efim Shifrin Tour and “Fort Ross” Filming

Efim Shifrin

We’re pleased to report that business is booming here at Russian American Consulting Corporation. This year, people have been traveling more, probably due to the improvement of the American economy. A big portion of our company is working on securing visas and organizing trips to Russia and the former Soviet Union Republics for travelers. It’s always great to see that people are interested in these places and wanting to explore some of our favorite countries.

These past few months, RACC has been involved in business prospects in the entertainment industry. We are excited to announce famous Russian stand-up comedian Efim Shifrin’s tour of the United States and Canada starting on May 14th and concluding June 3rd. The 11th tour from the comedian, titled “Total ShifrinAttack,” is a celebration of his 55th birthday. It will include 18 shows total in New Jersey, New York, Toronto, Miami, and other numerous venues for Russian-speaking communities. Shifrin’s first show in Brooklyn sold out and a second night was recently added. Tickets for all of the performances are $30-$50. Since there is a scarcity of Russian comedians in America, RACC is glad to provide these communities with excellent entertainment and some laughs.

The other project we’ve been working on is “Fort-Ross,” the documentary that was mentioned in the previous few blog posts. So far, the crew has finished filming the part of the movie that takes place in St. Petersburg. They shot the documentary in the Russian State Naval Archives and outside. Coincidentally, just like San Francisco, the weather was just what was needed to make for a successful shoot. This time, unlike the last, the crew needed bad weather for the filming, and luckily, they got it. While on set, Dmitri Poletaev, the multitalented author of the book “Fort Ross,” and Executive Producer and screenwriter for the documentary was taking behind the scenes footage. We will be posting it here soon, so please continue to check back for those updates and see an exclusive sneak-peek of the documentary.

RACC is enjoying taking part in the different industries and developing our business. Working on these kinds of projects is making our company more versatile and increasing its scope and influence. Collaborating with Shifrin and the cast and crew of “Fort Ross” have been great learning experiences and we’re happy to supply people with different methods of amusement and leisure time.

Palace Square in St. Petersburg

To find out more information on Shifrin’s tour, click here. We hope to see you at one of the shows!


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