Efim Shifrin Tour Progress

The Russian American Consulting Corporation has been having a great week that’s been filled with laughs and new adventures. On Saturday, May 14th, Efim Shifrin’s highly anticipated comedy tour began in New Jersey, and he traveled to Montreal and Toronto for two shows after that. The 400-500 seat concert halls that he performed in were filled to almost maximum capacity with devoted fans each time.

The beloved Shifrin is highly popular among Russian speaking people in both the United States and Canada. The talented stand-up comic performs for two hours, telling stories, acting out bits, and singing.  He loves celebrating his art with audiences, and he makes a huge effort to keep the crowds entertained. At the end of the shows, female fans have been bringing flowers to the stage to congratulate him.

The tour has gone off without a hitch thanks to the hard work of Shifrin’s organizer, Lev Trachtenberg, who coordinated all of the performances. Trachtenberg made everything neat and structured, and so far, it’s running quite smoothly.

Yesterday, Shifrin was on Radio Positive promoting the tour and discussing his illustrious career, and on Friday, an interview with him is going to be shown on NTV, so make sure you tune in. This Sunday, May 21st, he’ll finally be arriving in Brooklyn. There are 13 more shows left, and the complete schedule with all the remaining dates can be found here, on our website.

The CEO of RACC Andrei Shuranov said he is extremely pleased with the progress of the tour. “I have enjoyed traveling to Canada with Shifrin. I’m proud to work with one of the best Russian entertainers in the world, since he is not only gifted but also highly professional.”

Switching gears, in our last blog, we talked about the medical professionals who visited Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C. for QCor and the Thoracic Society’s International Conference. They had a fantastic time and learned a multitude of information about these medical topics. The professionals hope to work with us again sometime in the near future and include Alaska on their next itineraries.

Now that summer is approaching, we’ve seen an increase in Russians traveling to Los Angeles and Florida, while American families are mainly visiting the Caribbean. These are popular destinations because of all the warm weather activities the locations have to offer. Hopefully we’ll see more people also visiting New York, now that summertime is approaching and there will be a larger amount of programs offered by the city.

If you are interested in visiting one of these places, or if you want to learn more about traveling to Russia or former Soviet Union Republics, please feel free to visit our website here. We look forwarding to hearing from you.


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