Who We Are…

Andrei Shuranov
President and Owner,
Russian American Consulting Corp.

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Embodying the exemplification of tact and entrepreneurship, Andrei Shuranov, implemented his proficiency and in-depth knowledge of consulate and international relations to found Russian American Consulting Corp (RACC).
As Founder, CEO Shuranov contrives to perfect the enterprise and the expansion of RACC. Setting the protocols for the company’s operations and directing the process for business development, Shuranov has driven RACC to prosperity, establishing it as a leader of representation and tourism to Russia and the Former Soviet Union Republics.

Shuranov further incorporates a multitude of strategies for RACC’s advancement in the travel industry. His tactics include enrolling the company into trade shows, creating cultural exchange events, and participating in the organization and sponsorship of Russian film festivals. Through his diligence and conscientious efforts, within the 11 years since the company was established in 1999 Shuranov has enabled RACC’s prosperity, the opening of locations nationwide and the establishment of partnership offices in the Former USSR.

Prior to founding RACC, between 1987 and 1996 Shuranov has generated strong personal ties to top Russian political leaders in his role as Diplomat of the Consulate Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. Beginning at the entry level of the foreign affairs industry, Shuranov ascended the international relations ladder to thrive in his career as a Diplomat.

Becoming effectively well-versed in political and economic development, negotiations, public policy, and political advisement, Shuranov primarily operated in North America and the Middle East. In 1995, the final year of his diplomacy career, Shuranov worked as an Executive Diplamat of the Russian Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Shuranov received his education in the industry’s most prestigious university, Moscow State University of International Relations. Completing his education in 1987, and being fluent in Russian, English and Arabic, Shuranov set the stage for his success in international affairs.
In 1995 Shuranov resolved to establish an international business and moved to the United States. Determined to bring his aspirations to fruition quickly, he founded RACC only a year after his initial arrival to the U.S.

Native of Moscow, Shuranov currently resides in Riverdale, New York with his wife Yelena. In his leisure he enjoys playing tennis and mastering the art of the acoustic guitar.


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